The Lounging Barber is a full service barbershop. We have preserved our traditional grooming techniques while incorporating today’s modern trends. We cater to all ages, races, and genders. You are guaranteed customer satisfaction in a professional, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere (ambiance).


Our Mission

The Lounging Barber is committed to providing quality service that will ensure healthy hair. We are dedicated to ongoing education, training, and client demands for total Beauty and Healthy Hair Care.


Our Vision

Life is full of great moments. In a busy world, convenience, tranquility and quality are the answer. The Lounging Barber is a modern barbershop with an traditional atmosphere. After a long day or just a break from your non-stop schedule, the lounge provides you with the opportunity to relax, utilize FREE Wi-Fi, watch TV, read, vent, and discuss issues and current events openly. You can enjoy the lounge with a complimentary beverage and groovy tunes. The Lounging Barber provides an welcoming atmosphere to network and enjoy your moment at the lounge.